Hebrew Foundation School

The complete redesign of the schoolyard offers children countless play opportunities for all ages and abilities. The ground design as well as the equipments form a playful and coherent whole. Made in collaboration with Unova, our local distributor.

City of Varennes


This project was designed by our team to reflect a given thematic : the Marine world. The Spinneround Series, was used to refer to children the rudder of a ship, the Rotating Dish resembles the buoys that can often be found in the ocean, and the TT-Ola was colored in a blue tone to evoke the sea waves.

The Joseph-de-Serigny Park

City of Longueuil

The Joseph-de-Serigny Park is a fine example of matching different series of playground in a common park area. We have a great demonstration of mixing different manufacturers in order to offer children a maximum play experience. We used Playcraft Systems and ElephantPlay series to arrive with a perfectly balanced result.


Griffintown (City of Montréal)

ElephantPlay has developed and designed, in collaboration with a landscape architect’s firm, a playground in the city of Montreal (Griffintown area) based on three main priorities: the commemoration of the area’s heritage, a family & friendly space, but also an environmentally friendly area.

Giver 150

City of Ottawa

This project was realized in the canadian capital, Ottawa, and has been designed for a television show (TVO’s award-winning program Giver). In anticipation of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, ElephantPlay participated in the construction, for Giver, of the largest playground in Canada, with the help of children from all over the country. The 4,600 square metres playground is shaped in accordance to Canada’s country shape and has a different play space representing each of the country’s provinces and territories. This playground is also attempting to break the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s longest set of continuous Monkey Bars.

Custom Urban Furniture

City of Terrebonne

As part of an environmentally friendly construction, ElephantPlay’s team worked in collaboration with the city to design a custom set of urban furniture suited for the new eco-responsible Urbanova neighborhood in the City of Terrebonne.