As a member of IPEMA, ElephantPlay is proud to offer the safest playground equipment, tested periodically to constantly achieve the highest quality and, therefore, be compliant with ASTM F1487-11 (USA) and CAN/CSA Z-614-14 (Canada) standards. Fun and security must always complete each other.

Accessible or Inclusive:

Accessible playgrounds go beyond The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance, they offer the opportunity for everyone to play and move around in a playground area. Children in wheelchairs can either go around the equipment, under it and, sometimes, even reach the highest point of a structure through adapted ramps.

Inclusive playgrounds enhance the user’s diversity by offering barrier-free attractions, while providing a challenging and fun experience to a wide variety of children. Inclusive playgrounds encourage all types of children to play together, with or without disabilities. It offers a balanced play experience for all in close proximity to one another.