Standard of qualilty

Cable End Cover: comfortable grip

Rubber Cap: finger pinch protection

Security Screw: trouble-free inspection

Stainless Steel Chain: attachment to seat will prevent  cable from breaking.

Our wood equipment is made from Nort American white cedar to ensure good resistance to outdoor elements. The wood has a smooth and soft finish. If needed, an anti-slip finish can also be applied.

ElephantPlay is the only playground equipment manufacturer who exclusively uses steel-core cables, which increase load capacity, minimize stretching and provide lasting durability.

Our furniture can be made of ipe, cedar, recycled plastics… manu options for the look and the feel you want.

Mechanical Cross Joint: You can repair or replace a single defective cable, while similar structure on the market would need to be dismantled completely and sent back to the manufacturer. ElephantPlay’s unique mechanical cross joint allows for on-site part replacement, which can dramatically reduce cost and equipment downtime. For an economical option, permanent crimped cross joints are also available. Dual-Lock Vandal Protection: It’s no secret that playgrounds are often subject to costly vandalism.